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About this site

A while back I noticed that my section on my personal website devoted to my visit to Castle Poenari — the real Dracula’s castle had become by far the most popular feature on the site, so I decided to create this blog — Dracula: History and Myth — as a more comprehensive place for all my information and photos about the castle and my experiences traveling in Romania. I’ve been a huge fan of both the historical and fictional Dracula all my life and I’m really pleased that people are finding my page interesting and useful! I receive a lot of wonderful emails from people all over the world looking for more information about Castle Poenari and Vlad Tepes/Dracula, and I’m happy to share anything I can. So I’ve put all of my information on Dracula, Romania travel, vampire folklore, et cetera, together in one place for easy access.

About me

My name is Manning Leonard Krull. I’m a web designer and illustrator currently living in New York after spending five years in France. While I was living abroad I traveled all around Europe, and I really fell in love with Transylvania and Romania in general. During my two trips to Transylvania I visited as many Dracula-related sites as possible, and these are the main focus of this site.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions I haven’t covered in these pages. I’m not a historian or academic and I’m by no means a Dracula expert; I’m just an enthusiast who feels very lucky to have had a lot of great experiences chasing the Dracula myth.

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