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The Wolves of Paris

From Cool Stuff in Paris: “Les Loups de Paris — the Wolves of Paris — were a pack of man-eating wolves who terrorized Paris during the winter of 1450. This particular winter was especially harsh and prey was scarce, so the desperate and starving wolves had no choice but to make Paris their new hunting ground. The hungry pack were able to enter Paris through breaches in the city’s poorly maintained outer walls. And throughout…Continue Reading →

DRAC — a Romanian Princess’ dog, buried in a cemetery outside Paris

I was wandering around Le Cimetière des Chiens — the Dog Cemetery in Asnières-sur-Seine, just outside Paris, on a gloomy day a few weeks ago and noticed this tomb for Drac, a dog belonging to a Romanian Princess! The inscription on Drac’s tomb translates as follows: DRAC 1941-1953 Loyal companion during tragic times Precious friend in exile S. M. Queen Elisabeth Princess of Romania A little research reveals that “Queen Elisabeth, Princess of Romania” is…Continue Reading →

Le Musée des Vampires — the Vampire Museum in Paris

Here’s a link to an article I wrote a while back about Le Musée des Vampires, a small private museum dedicated to vampires and the study of their place in folklore and modern culture. Located just on the outer edge of Paris, it can be a bit complicated to visit for non-French speakers, but it’s totally do-able and absolutely worth the effort if you’re a fan of vampires, mythology, and weird stuff in general! One…Continue Reading →