Dracula: History and Myth

Vlad Tepes documentary

I recently ran across this great documentary about the historical Dracula on YouTube. There are a few really cool shots of Castle Poenari in the snow. I was there in October, near Halloween, when it was chilly and a bit cloudy, but I’d love to see the place in wintertime like that. The documentary also tells some of my favorite weird stories about Dracula, like how he used to keep a golden chalice in the town square of each of his cities, which no one ever stole because all of his subjects were all so terrified of him. I love that stuff. Check it out…

Part one:


And don’t miss part two and part three.

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  1. Mick Murphy says:

    Thank you for the information about Cetatea Poienari. I am going there in Sept this year, 2012. I wanted to go there > I googled it > and found you and your wonderful information; thank you.
    I am in Australia so will go via Istanbul to Bucuresti. I want to see from Poienari to Corvin’s Castle in Hunedoara County and all points in between: Rupea, Rasnov, Fagaras, Brasov etc, etc; for 4 weeks anyway.

    I have seen that set of 3 videos you have here and they are brillant although they contain some historical inaccuracies.

    Here is a link to a set of 5 videos at youtube about what Vlad Tepes Dracula did in building up Vallachia’s defences; I hope you enjoy it:


    Or go to youtube and search: “Vlad the Impaler – The Real Dracula (1of5)”

    The more one reads about him, you more you admire the lengths he went to to protect his country from the schemes and plots that were day to day events then. And the best of all; the leaders led from the front in those days.

    Once again, thank you very much


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